How to Find the Best Convertible Laptop – The Ultimate Guide!

Best Convertible Laptop


Discover the Best Convertible Laptop

What is Convertible Laptop?

Powered mostly by Windows 8 a convertible laptop or tablet PC is fast becoming the ultimate device for computing. It lets you enjoy both, a tablet and laptop whenever you want. With this device in your hand you don’t have to invest in buying the two gadgets separately. The device comes with a highly quality display screen and a keyboard.

You can enjoy all the benefits and comfort of a touch screen tablet while browsing, chatting and playing games, and when you need to sit down for some serious and minute graphics work work, you can convert your touch screen tablet to a laptop by taking out the keyboard and plugging in your mouse. The Windows operating system is extremely user friendly and is designed in a way that is perfect to be used for both the touch screen tablet and laptop.

Why Convertible Laptop?

So in technologically advanced times, when there are new devices emerging every day, why would you want to invest in a convertible laptop? Here are a few reasons why you should buy a convertible laptop;

  • The logic is very simple; it’s a onetime investment that lets you have a laptop and a touch screen tablet in one device.
  • It’s easier to handle, manage and maintain.
  • The device is powered by one of the most revolutionary operating systems – Windows 8
  • It is highly useful while travelling – you don’t have to carry your tablet and your laptop separately.
  • It allows you to enjoy all the latest games and apps; be it with a conventional keyboard or a touch screen.

How to Find the Best Convertible Laptop?

With so many brands offering the same product it becomes difficult for the buyers to choose the one that suits their needs and has the perfect specifications. You have to be very careful in investing your money, because buying a low quality convertible laptop won’t let you enjoy any of the two devices it offers.

Here are a few things you must consider before making a purchase;

  • Is your convertible laptop easy to use or not: The reason for buying a convertible laptop is to enjoy comfort while computing without having to switch between a laptop and your touch screen tablet. So the convertible you buy must offer you the best of both devices. The transition from one device to the other must be easy and quick. It should not require you to plug any wire or USB in order to convert.
  • Design: The best convertible is the one that is designed to give you best and most comfortable portability, otherwise there is no use buying a convertible laptop. You should go for models that are slim, easy to carry and durable. Two more factors that you simply must not ignore are the device’s dimensions and resolution. Remember! You will use your convertible as a laptop and tablet; therefore the screen size and its resolution should be good enough for both its forms.
  • Technical Specifications: You must never buy any device without looking at its technical specifications. Here are a few specifications of the convertible that you must know; Its processor type, Internal and external memory space, Capacity of its hard drive, Device’s RAM, Does it support wireless internet and other devices?, Battery life

These specifications will tell you how fast your device will function

  • Customer Service: You should always do a bit of research before buying any product from its manufacturer. In case of a convertible laptop, make sure to find out the kind of customer care services your manufacturer provides you. Options for customer support offered by the device must be easy to understand and use.
  • Product warranty: This one is simple! Never buy a convertible laptop without warranty. The device you buy must have at least one-year warranty for its hardware.

  • Lenovo Yoga 13Brand/Model
  • Intel® Core i5 1.8GHzCPU
  • 13.3 Inch / 1600x900Screen Size/Resolution
  • 4GB DDR3Memory
  • 128GB SSDHDD
  • 3.3 PoundsWeight
  • 8-Hour Battery LifeBattery Life
  • ASUS Taichi 21-DH51Brand/Model
  • Intel® Core i5 1.7GHzCPU
  • 11.6 inch / 1920x1080Screen Size/Resolution
  • 4GB DDR3Memory
  • 128GB SSDHDD
  • 2.7 PoundsWeight
  • 3-Hour Battery LifeBattery Life
  • Lenovo Flex 15DBrand/Model
  • AMD A4 1.5 GHzCPU
  • 15.6 inch / 1366x768Screen Size/Resolution
  • 4GB DDR3Memory
  • 500 GB SATAHDD
  • 5.1 PoundsWeight
  • 5-Hour Battery LifeBattery Life
  • Sony VAIO Duo 13Brand/Model
  • Intel® Core i5 1.6GHzCPU
  • 13.3-Inch / 1920x1080Screen Size/Resolution
  • 4GB DDR3Memory
  • 128GB SSDHDD
  • 2.9 PoundsWeight
  • 5-Hour Battery LifeBattery Life
  • Dell XPS 12Brand/Model
  • Intel® Core i5 2.53GHzCPU
  • 12.5 Inch / 1920x1080Screen Size/Resolution
  • 4GB DDR3Memory
  • 128GB SSDHDD
  • 3.4 PoundsWeight
  • 8-Hour Battery LifeBattery Life

The Price is These change frequently based on availability on

PROS and CONS Convertible Laptop

Like every gadget a convertible laptop too comes with its share of pros and cons.


  • As mentioned before; you can enjoy two different computing devices in the price of one
  • It is portable in true sense of the word. Its design is sleek and extremely lightweight; it is easy to carry it while travelling
  • Powered by Windows 8, which is making waves in the world of technology because of its user friendly operating system and quality
  • Convertible laptop has a beautiful design, which looks great in both forms of devices
  • The touch screen can be used with a stylus; this feature is especially useful if you don’t have the time to switch to a laptop and need to demonstrate something through a drawing.


  • It’s a relatively newer technology, so you might face technical difficulties
  • The model you buy might become history too soon, due to constant advancements in this new technology
  • Touch screens can be slow and in some models can only be handled with a stylus
  • The device does come with its computing limitations because its design and technology are still evolving.
  • These devices don’t come cheap.

Top 5 Convertible Laptop Reviews

To help you choose the right convertible laptop, here is a review of five of the best products available in the market.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

The Lenovo IdeaPad comes with an Intel Core i5-3337U ULV GHz1.8 and an after Intel Turboboost of GHz 2.70 With a RAM of 4 GB DDR3 and a Solid-State Hard Drive of 128 GB, the device is quite fast You can enjoy Intel HD Graphics on a 13.3 in. display screen It is powered by Windows 8 and has a fairly long battery life of 8 hours Microsoft Office runs efficiently on this Lenovo convertible model.

HP Split x2

HP Split x 2

HP Split comes with a LED backlit HD display screen of 13.3″ and an extremely long-lasting battery time (built-in two 3-Cell-Lithium-Ion-Polymer-Batteries). With a Solid-State hard drive of 128 GB and an i3-3229Y Intel Core Processor this device is quite fast. HP Split also features; Wireless and Bluetooth, 4GB Ram, HDMI, HD webcam 4GB RAM, 2 US ports, Beats Audi

Sony VIAO DUO 13

Sony VAIO Duo SVD13213CXW

Powered by Windows 8 and an i5-4200U 1.6 GHz Intel Core processor, Sony VAIO Duo is a good investment. The convertible laptop also has; Solid-State Hard Drive of 128 GB, 4 GB, 13.3 in. display screen with a screen resolution of 1920×1080

ASUS Taichi 21-DH51

ASUS Taichi 21-DH51

ASUS Taichi features the i5 1.7 GHz Intel Core processor and a 128 GB Solid-State Hard Drive. It also has a DDR3 of 4 GB, HD LED Display Screen of 11.6 in. and Intel 4000 HD Graphics. This convertible laptop is powered by Window 8.

Dell XPS 12

Dell XPS 12

Dell is a renowned and trusted name in all computer products. The Dell XPS 12 Convertible powered by Windows 8 has the following features, which make it a wise choice; An i5-3317U Intel Core Processor, Solid-State Hard Drive of 128 GB, DDR3 RAM of 4GB, 12.5 in. display screen with a screen resolution of 1920×1080, Offers 8 hours of battery time

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